Amplify Your Online Presence With Confidence: The Secret To The Christina Wells Brand

STOP RIGHT HERE! If you do nothing else while on this page, give these headshots a good LEWK!! 👀👀 I am floored by my newest set of branding photos.  White on cream. Swoon. I didn’t realize I looked good in white before! The sexy glasses. Okay, author vibes, I’m feelin’ it!  But the look of […]

Define Confidence: Christina Wells’ New Book Sneak Peek

You may have heard from my various channels that I’ve started writing a book! As we turn the page into the new year, I realized that I wrote the Preface for my book, Confidence with New Year’s Resolutions, on my mind. So, I thought there was no better time than now to drop a sneak […]

Lessons from a December Baby: The Art of Self-Celebration

It’s not about the goal or the dream you have. It’s about who you become on your way to that goal. -RACHEL HOLLIS What even is self-celebration? It took nearly four decades for me to learn! It all starts with the final month of the year… December. December is always a roller coaster for me. […]

Capturing Confidence: The Empowering Photoshoot of Self-Love That Changed My Life

Do you remember what you were doing in the summer of 2009? Me? I was almost 34 years old, I had two kids, and I was finally waking up to the toxicity of the relationship I was in. This 7-year relationship had consumed me and left me feeling empty, unloveable, and unattractive. I struggled with […]

Confidence Beyond Size: My Story as Matron “Mama” Morton for the Broadway National Tour Of Chicago

National Tour! Me? Yes. Absolutely yes. If you’ve followed my journey since America’s Got Talent, you know that I’ve fallen in love with musical theater. When I learned I got cast as Matron “Mama” Morton for the Broadway National Tour Of Chicago, my heart nearly exploded. And with all of my excitement, I didn’t think […]