Amplify Your Online Presence With Confidence: The Secret To The Christina Wells Brand

STOP RIGHT HERE! If you do nothing else while on this page, give these headshots a good LEWK!! 👀👀

I am floored by my newest set of branding photos. 

White on cream. Swoon. I didn’t realize I looked good in white before! The sexy glasses. Okay, author vibes, I’m feelin’ it!  But the look of confidence in my eyes. EEEEKKK look at her! She is the Christina Wells I want to be every day of the week! But alas, I am a mere mortal, and she lives inside the lens of my favorite photographer, Tasha Gorel, owner and operator of Natasha Nivan Productions, the best-kept secret of the Houston art scene! She knows how to make a girl (or anyone) feel effortlessly confident and comfortable in front of the camera. The key is she LISTENS. Whatever vibe you want to go for, you will get when you step into her studio.

Shop my favorite Amazon products!

Shop my favorite Amazon products!

Christina Wells Singer, Actor, Motivational Speaker and… Author!

This last time that I walked into Tasha’s studio my goal was AUTHOR. Because…If you haven’t heard, I am writing a book. Eeeeee gads, I know, crazy, right!? I am writing a book titled CONFIDENCE. It will be available later this year, 2024, so keep your eyes peeled for that drop. 😉

Christina Wells Confidence

Ok, back to the topic at hand. As I began to plan the marketing of my upcoming book, I knew I needed an AMAZING photo for the back cover. Plus, I needed to rebrand all of my social media to reflect this new direction. #sexylibrarian #authorvibes #writer #smart Cue me calling up Tasha Gorel to schedule a new branding session!

If you’ve followed me since my America’s Got Talent days, you have seen the evolution of my brand. I’ve gone from a cute nurse who shares pics of her family and her occasional singing gig all the way to a smoldering temptress proudly owning every ounce of her confidence!! But seriously, when I came back to Houston from AGT, I knew I wanted to have a presence on social media. I just didn’t know exactly how.

Christina Wells Patreon

Drag Queens Do Branding Best!

Then inspiration struck me like a bedazzled size 13 stiletto! DRAG QUEENS!! I not only love a dramatic diva, but I feel so closely aligned with the gorgeous, over-the-top glam aesthetic. There have been many Queens who have influenced me over the years, like Reign and Adriana of the LaRue family, Dessie Love Blake, and Violet S’Arblue, to name a few. I love how they release new promo pics every so often in a fresh gown and new hair. Then, they’d advertise their next show with graphics using these dramatic, glamorous images. They weren’t headshots; they were so much more. I wanted that. 

Well, in 2017 (pre-AGT), I was referred to Tasha Gorel to have a round of headshots taken, and they came out perfect! I felt an easy creative flow with her behind the camera. I loved the experience so much that, in 2018, after the whirlwind that is reality TV, I called her up to help me rebrand with my new Drag Queen aesthetic in mind. I wanted social media images, a cover for my EP, and headshots, and I wanted these pics to say Christina Wells is SOMEBODY! To my absolute glee, Tasha was completely on board!

My Natasha Nivan Photography Through The Years Slideshow

Houston’s Best Photography: Natasha Nivan Productions 

Since this first rebranding shoot together, I have returned to Tasha for work again and again. We have grown together, me as an artist and her as a photographer. Every time I have a new vision, she is always ready to help me execute even if it is something completely new for her. She loves to experiment and push the envelope with me. If you have ever admired a professional photo on one of my pages, I can almost guarantee it was taken by Tasha Gorel. 

From album and book covers to advertising and website graphics, she’s done it all for me! That is why I am BEYOND EXCITED that she has decided to offer my “off menu” package to everyone! She’s entitled it the Side Hustle Package. You guys, it encompasses EVERYTHING you could possibly need to polish or re-polish your brand, whatever that is! Whether you are an entrepreneur, singer, actor, artist, writer, or small-business owner, you NEED to book this.

Side Hustle Package includes: 

👀 30 min consultation to review your vision and needs for the shoot

📸 1.5 hours in Tasha’s studio🎞️ ALL the original high-res JPEG non-watermarked images  

😍 6 edited images

Plus, if you tell her Christina Wells sent you, you’ll get 10% off… That’s right, I’m telling you to name-drop me 😉 Do it!!

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