SuperFan FAQs

When Will You Have the LIVE STREAM Concert?

The LIVE STREAM Concert is set for early Fall 2019.  Details of the event will be shared with those who purchase the corresponding package.

Can I Purchase a Ticket to the LIVE STREAM Concert?

The LIVE STREAM Concert is only available to those who purchase SuperFan Packages at the Gold Level and up.

When Will You Have the Skype Studio Session?

Recording for Christina’s new album will start in Fall 2019.  A date and access information will be provided to those who purchase the corresponding package.

When Will My SuperFan Package Be Sent?

If you purchase your SuperFan Package between July 12 and July 31, most of of your merchandise and item will ship on August 1, 2019.  Purchases made after August 1st will ship approximately 2 weeks after your order is placed. Please see our Production and Shipping page for more information.

How Do I View the Behind the Scenes Video?

A link to the video will be sent to you after you complete your SuperFan Package purchase.

How Do I Pick My Tshirts?

After you purchase your SuperFan Package, you’ll be sent an email containing a link to the shirts and instructions on how to order.

What Is the Difference Between a Live and Recorded Birthday Greeting?

The Recorded Birthday Greeting is filmed in advance by Christina and delivered to you electronically.  The Live Birthday Greeting entails scheduling a video call with Christina for the live interaction.  Live Birthday Greetings will be coordinated by Christina’s SuperFan team after the purchase of the package.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to ask us your question using the form below.  We will get back with a response as soon as possible!